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 " Royal Nil company " :

with  " ROYAL NIL " trademark is active in the fields of e-commerce, Internet business and commercial & city information bank. The goal of this company is to create a store with diverse products and goods, and access to customers through economic buy purchasing plans and fast buy purchases of custom products and favorite goods, in this case by creating special advantages for economic purchases, fast purchases and discounts. Special for purchases for customers will experience a memorable purchase for customers. On the other hand, by creating a system of

commercial & city information bank, it provides customers with a wide range of information about goods and products, and by establishing the relationship between business units and the relationship of manufacturers and suppliers in a particular context, make win to win advantages , and by  reducing the cost to customers and the business search service,so they benefit from this service.

" ROYAL NIL" Various services are considered for business units and customers, including: products, services, weekly market and special sales, online auction, opportunities / work with us, requirements and abilities, rent, ISO, insurance, sme value added content and services. And good news so that customers can reach what they want by searching their needs quickly and constantly striving to upgrade services and add new services for more satisfaction.

" Vision " : The Dream of the company: "A Web for Every Time and Every Place" Everywhere / 24 Times.

" Mission " of the company: Focus on business search- business services and create high-quality, high-value products.

We are a start up company, and by developing our work and teamwork, we will create new services and projects in the form of a new startup and overlapping with the overall goal.