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"About US":

The founders and creator of "Royal Nil" have many years of experience in marketing, Internet, postal services, sales, production, insurance, stock and investment, which has many challenges and opportunities in different areas. In order to using these experiences and creating many opportunities and added value for our members, we launched the services on the" Royal Nil Web site".

Throughout our path, we've seen many companies that have great ideas and plans, but they lost a lot of capital due to the lack of flexibility and firmness of their businesses, as well as many of the manufacturers who think they are only having the best product and High quality will be able to easily succeed without the design of a work plan - the creation of appropriate systems without marketing pricing will be able to capture the market!  and  his promise slogan is: "Only having a high quality product is a success factor and a good product itself will be able to sell itself !"

Perhaps this slogan of some manufacturers responds periodically to the era of mass production and high demand for goods, but in this competitive era and modern technology, 24-hour distribution systems, countries with manufacturing and exporting advantages and, most importantly, the Internet It creates a new business platform and affects the entire processes and operations, it can be said that it is no longer effective!

In this era, 20% of the success of the commercial production units comes from the production of the product, which is 20% of a large percentage and should be managed, but 80% of the other marketing, foundation and development of the necessary parts for business, work systems, research and developing, managing, designing a successful business model and plan.

We started this road and, with all the hardships we face, we can create sustainable and effective values for our members that we will succeed in successfully.

It is true that we are at the beginning of the road and the challenges are part of our process, which sometimes delays the creation and delivery of our services, but with the help of our members (shareholders, employees and our customers), we will be able to make every day an effective step forward in delivering and delivering. going for goals.