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" Royal Nil Rent ":

is a Platform & service for the introduction of homes, residential, commercial, office and rental-related areas, where applicants can refer to the Royal Nil Rental section for full details of their choice, and the ratio To take this rent.

The top features of the Royal Nil Rent service are categorized and searchable in a search structure that, with less time and cost, is far less than looking for other methods and referring to real estate offices to seeing their space and facilities rented. Get the complete information in " Royal Nil Commercial & city information bank " using the"  payment service for each link information " and finally take your decision there. 

 Royal Nil rent service can be searched both locally and regionally and globally, and in some cases you can easily make a reservation before you go, especially in car rental and rental. The hotel and the villa that you need to rent before you go to travel to reduce the cost.

- Residential  House and Residential properties Rental :

Owners of residential units and residential buildings and real estate offices acting on behalf of the owner can enter a summary of the location of the lease in the lease section and complete the details of the lease in the "Full Information" section and the location, the building's exterior, The interior view of the building and the facilities and facilities available, the type of furniture and any technical and architectural information needed through Royal Nil Business Office, which is located in the Royal Nil  Real Estate Rental District.

Customers and members can enter  the Royal Nil rent section Depot with the best location and location details, and with the facilities available in the Royal Nil information bank and Validation System, to continue the process.

- Household appliances rental:

Catering and special occasions for celebrations, parties, weddings and special occasions are the most demanded by the people, and are provided by catering and rental centers Furniture & equipment and accessories that can be used in this area. Finding the royal home appliance rental industry in search of local and in-country searches and finding your needs and features, and benefiting from the benefits above.

- Suit & Coat Rental:

In many parts of the world, people have to change their clothes regularly, because they can be varied, dressed in different dresses or because of their type of job, such as modeling, Wearing a suit in Royal Nil to rent that outfit.

- Office Units Rental:

Business Owners, Commercial Offices, Business Offices for Companies, Office for Lawyers and Legal Experts, Engineering Offices, etc., which can be rented for administrative purposes, can be introduced through its Commercial Office in Royal Nil The applicants will proceed with the examination of the office's conditions of lease.

-  Commercial Property Real Estate Rental :

The business unit's position is important for many business owners, which makes them profitable or high-paying, in addition to business principles, they should pay attention to the position and facilities of the business unit they are asking. On the other hand, business units and companies should each year Rent and renew your rental agreement and use the " Royal Nil Commercial Rental " section to locate coffee shops, shops, restaurants, stores, supermarkets, clinics and clinics, doctors 'offices, dentists' offices, Labs, schools, fast food, retail store, wholesale, book store, the pharmacy, the supply of goods and services center, the hairdressing salon, the insurance offices, etc., have been searched for and desirable, with good information and sufficient information on its rental.

One of the good features of this method is that the managers of the companies and the owners of the business can pre-terminate the contract to search in the desired location and in accordance with the regional conditions to extend or move to a new place And prevent their imposed costs.

- Car Rentals:

On many trips, especially trips to and from a distance or other country, or some trips that can not be carried out, one of the best decisions is to rent a car so that we can easily do our work. Enjoy your trip. With the possibility of creating a Royal Nil car rental section, you can easily choose what you want and rent it before you travel.

With the possibility of  Royal Nil Rent, car owners, car dealers and car dealers who are willing to rent a car, they will consider the characteristics of their vehicles and facilities through their own business office.

- Industrial equipment Rental:

Industrial units can rent their surplus machinery at a rest time, or make managerial decisions to change the production of the type of goods and rest the specific production line to other industrial and industrial units, and benefit from it.

- Tools Rental:

Electric tools, drills, grinding machines, industrial tools, woodworking tools, agricultural tools, utility tools, etc. that can be provided and needed by individuals in some situations and want to personally They can be used on a short and short term rentals and can be provided at the Royal Nil Rent Service, which is based on local and regional searches.

- construction machinery and equipment Rental:

In the construction of some equipment, it can be used periodically and is not used at other times. It can be used to builders and applicants when it is not necessary to introduce and lease it, and to avoid depreciation costs. And he covered some of his expenses.

- Real Estate Rentals:

The factories, workshops and industrial units can find their place in this area and take advantage of their rent. One of the items that industrial units pay attention to and, on the other hand, the cost of visiting places for them, and it is necessary to pay attention to how the machines and equipment are installed and the implementation of production operations and arrangement of devices in these processes, and in Failure to have a well-defined program and a proper evaluation will make it difficult for you to install your machines and implement the generated cycle, and will have to search elsewhere and additional costs for the transfer and cancellation of the contract. In the event that rental properties of Royal Nil Real Estate, commercial and industrial units can check the hull, warehouse and location, obtain the necessary information and based on the location, available space, the above space to the place of residence, the distance To supply and sell to provide products and products.

- Office equipment rental:

Computers with a special processor, large and small scanners, office equipment and office equipment that office & company do not own , and on the other hand their purchase is not economical due to cost-effectiveness and the amount of work, and on the other hand it has some business units. They can be introduced in the rental of office equipment and used in a specific procedure to exchange it.

Members and customers are using the tools of the database and validation system to help in the speed and reliability of the work process.

For customers who want to rental trough " Royal Nil " and have legal advocates, they can go to the menu and service section of the " Royal Nil Reservation - introduce  and Referral   Service"  to request the service!