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"Royal Nil Insurance":

is an umbrella and cover for protecting your valuable assets that offers a variety of insurance and provides you with special services. Insurance of individuals with health and life insurance services to auto insurance, housing, and business insurance services to cover business and industrial hazards, such as fire insurance of commercial units and natural disasters, liability insurance for employers and personnel of business units and services Different are other.

Our advantages are to connect with different companies and implementers and provide specialist and specialist advice for members to provide the best services and services and create a dynamic relationship. In "Royal Nil Insurance," various insurance services for individuals and units The business is provided with the choice of the desired service as well as the determination of the insurance coverage can take advantage of it and manage its risks and risks!

Insurance companies can add their own product and insurance services through " Royal Nil Business Office", which is located under the "Royal Nil Insurance" section, and customers and applicants by entering this category will choose the type of insurance they wish and choose the order and purchase order. They will be sent to the address after the registration process of the insurance policy by electronic mail and mail.

 Services available at Royal Nil Insurance:

- Life insurance and investment:

With life insurance and investment, you and your insured, and those who are worthy of you, can benefit from support and provide umbrella protection against various perils. In Royal Nil life insurance and investment , based on the type of insurance chosen and on the specified ceiling, in addition to cover protection against risks, as supplementary insurance in the cost of treating some diseases that require hedge expenses, such as cardiac surgery And ... and on the other hand, based on the years of payment, you will have the benefits of investment and savings and tax benefits.

In life insurance several companies is active and provides supplemental and specialist services that, when insuring the company's history, the type of supplementary insurance and its conditions, and various cases, it should be noted that in Royal Nil life insurance and investment, the best The conditions for the insurer and the applicant are proposed.

- Property insurance:

Houses and buildings of company and what is inside it and heavy sums have been allocated. You are a valuable asset and it is up to the insurance of certain benefits you receive supportive.

- Health insurance (Health and retirement):

Health is one of the main priorities of the people and what the costs will be treated to individual attention Select the proper insurance and insurance ceiling fit in our health and the most valuable asset of any person is always covered and during treatment also peace of mind for the future.

- Travel Insurance:

 Travel makes peace & travel insurance to provide peace and comfort you when you travel and protection against hazards that may occur in some cases.

- Jewelry & gold Insurance:

Jewelry is one of the most valuable and yet most expensive asset most people form and losing it will cause heavy damage to person with proper insurance, your concerns go away and we will enjoy having them.

- Fire, Flood and Earthquake Insurance:

One of the main dangers for homes and office buildings to natural hazards, floods, earthquakes, fires that with Insurance against them with the adequate protection of assets carried out.

- Car Insurance:

Private car every day you're in traffic and various administrative and transport vehicles every day with different hazards such as accidents, body damage, theft, fire and faced... that in many cases the costs will be very heavy person with appropriate insurance to protect yourself and properties in front of them.

There are several car insurance companies that can add their insurance policy through Business Work Office in  Royal Nil  and summarize information to the insurance products, and add a complete summary of the information and information in " Royal Nil Commercial Information Bank " to provide customers and applicants with insight Complete the features, features and benefits of car insurance and cover damages to your personal car insurance.

The benefits of "Royal Car Insurance" are the possibility of purchasing insurance policies and insurance orders in another country and the destination of personal car journeys through brokers and contracting companies, and there is no need to visit the insurance broker in the area and the destination country in person. To take insurance.

- Business & commercial Insurance:

Business and trade you for being associated with different processes, people, laws and different concerns will be realized it will create a lot of stress for managers with the right  Royal Nil Business & Commercial insurance for peace of mind for your business in the domestic and international level is provided.

- E -commerce Insurance:

In the modern age, many companies are considered valuable assets and information. And loss or damage to the information available to competitors of the company will be However, due to the nature of the Internet and e-business processes and data transfer is always the risk of introduction the use of standards that must be covered by insurance, we insure your data and processes.

- Liability insurance:

Managers and business unit’s petty businesses such as doctors, lawyers, technicians, pharmacists and owners of businesses keep in touch with different people and different services that they offer may be risks to create and found to be legal complaints with liability insurance, financial losses and covered expenses are properly supported.

- Accident Insurance :

Athletes, students and various groups may suffer injuries and injuries during their activities that can be used to prevent damage and cover and to cover the damage from " Royal Nil Accident Insurance " and individually and collectively.

- Finance  & Investing Insurance:

In financial insurance money and financial assets (stocks, bonds, etc.) , properties that are of high liquidity Also, investments with risk management capabilities and specific growth rate covered.

- Cargo insurance:

What you postal with cargo, you may be vulnerable to a variety of reasons that the appropriate insurance, you protect your property.

Cargo insurance to insure your goods and product, and based on the type of maritime, land and Train transportation, each has its own rules and costs, and on the other hand, most domestic transportation is carried out by car, truck and trailer, and insurance companies they can add their insurance policy through  " Royal Nil Online Business Office" to the insurance portfolio at the " Royal Nil Insurance " , and customers who are freighters, shipping agencies and individuals, by examining the conditions and characteristics of each and comparing insurance companies. Different ways to insure their goods and protect their assets and prevent potential damages Us.

- Industrial Insurance:

Industrial units for the construction and expansion of its owner will always noticed heavy costs and however, production lines, machinery and personnel are subject to risks and damage that the necessary support is provided by the insurance industry.

- Agricultural Insurance :

agricultural insurance What you send may be compromised for various reasons by protecting your property with proper insurance.

Agriculture and nature are always vulnerable to damage and, on the other hand, the assets of the activists in this field, which take months and years to spend and time, are insured with agricultural insurance and the appropriate ceiling is set against the various damages and creates a calm for the activists. 

 What will distinguish " Royal Nil Insurance " will be the quick access of users and members to various information and the power of choice in determining the appropriate insurance and the appropriate cost of services and processes, and, on the other hand, contacting different companies and employers and providing advice. Specialized and special for members to enjoy the best services and services and create a dynamic relationship for them.Sign in to your office.

On the other hand, in the Royal Nil, a specific insurance plan is created for members and based on their level.


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