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 “ROYAL NIL COIN NETWORK “ is decentralize security network with pear to pear connection ,web server & block chain structure !


Task and role of ROYAL NIL COIN NETWORK:

  • Connecting Royal nil coin node with each other to make “ Royal nil coin primary pools “ in communicating ,processing , transmission date .

  • Save (buck up ) data in network .

  • Connecting “Royal nil coin primary pools” with each other to make “royal nil coin pool “ .

  • Mining

  • Keeping the servers' connection(node) to Persistence, processing power and storage

  • Giving decentralize products & services with platform, website, node thought of network.

  • Decentralize currencies, money bank & wallet

  • Decentralize stock, stock bank

  • Decentralize email

  • Decentralize publish system

  • Decentralize right of ownership, Creation rights, Founder rights in creating business, website, publish, application & program,

  • Smart contract (Decentralize contract system )

  • Decentralize insurance , ISO& third party contract

  • Security network with hash & make private & public key(function )

  • Make “Royal Nil Coin Block Chain )

  • Decentralize web server

  • Decentralize marketing (advertising, promotion, branding,…)

  • Ability of network for connecting to other network & block chain: bitcoin, altcoin,ethereum,internet ,…

  • Module & components program & platform for decentralize developing program

  • Make decentralize society & ecosystem for developing


In two network with “ Royal Nil Coin pear to pear connection “could connecting with cable, wifi, satellite & Bandwidth of electricity cable through of modem. &other network & computers could choice of best method (cable, wifi, satellite & Bandwidth of electricity) for connecting to gather, with this method we could grow network.