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Advertising is a way to identify your brand and brand to your contacts and to your marketing brand.

Royal Nil Advertising and Awareness ": a service that is updated with modern methods and the use of effective and effective advertising to inform customers and encourages them to learn more and buy products and services. Advertising on the site of Royal Nil in graphics, text, video in different parts of the site and in the main pages, catalog, requirements and abilities page, auction page, and various markets, weekly market & special sales page , ISO page, insurance page. Publishers pages in information bank and in various services and value-added services.

The basis for advertising in Royal Nil is "targeted and specific advertising and awareness-based planning" that prevents users and users from being tired of using the services and preventing them from massive and inefficient advertising!

" Royal Nil Advertising and Awareness " use of the auction system in the registration of advertisements - Specific ranking and special reservation for displaying business  units and business  units can create their own advertising at a very reasonable price and display in different parts of the site and using the The variety of services and services of Royal Nil will enhance their effectiveness and market.also, advertise yourself in combination with traditional advertising techniques: brochures, physical ads, ads with advertiser networks, direct mail ads, ads on Google, ads on Yahoo and more.

By using good advertising and encouragement, customers encourage you and your business to create a true image of yourself and your business, and the special benefits that your products, products and services have created, which will meet the needs of our customers and create a new lifestyle. and their better satisfaction, and ultimately the use of your services and products and the purchase of products.

 Advertising is done in different forms and methods, and each business unit must define it as one of the essential parts of its business processes, especially in a competitive environment and requires special attention to it for the proper impact and development of the business.


Advertising for business units is in fact a venture to invest in brand name marketing and the special experience of using products and services by customers and the window to deliver services to customers who are looking forward to new products and experiences. advertising is also needed in the competitive market in order to further sell and encourage people to use both the company's products and the stagnant market in order to move the market and create new opportunities, and what's important is having a special program and system for effectiveness. It will be based on ads that are used in "Royal Nil Advertising" of special systems for advertising effectiveness.

In "Royal Nil Advertising and Awareness " in various ways, including text ads, graphic and image advertising, video advertising appearing in various sections of the site and SMS ads, sending greeting cards, direct advertising, brochures, advertising in google and yahoo, ... and other advertising methods directly or in partnership with other companies and business units.


Advantages of Advertising in Royal Nil:

-Targeted and planned advertising

- Advertising on different site pages and services created

- Advertising at an affordable price

- Advertising without spatial constraints

- Manage the effectiveness of ads by user and business unit

- Different methods of advertising,Text, video, image

- Display ads tailored to the content of the page and service provided

- Display advertising in the client's office and daily messages in a limited and purposeful manner

- Display ads by searching at information bank and various keyword-matching services keywords and titles of the customer search.

- Summary of ads and full description of ads in the Royal Nil information bank

-  Possibility to Register ads in Google search engine and other search engine contractors

 - Royal Nil Contextual Advertising and ads with Summary Description :

Words have a lot of power in expressing your concepts, and if you use words correctly, you might attract a lot of customers because they've been looking for it for a long time!

Text ads on commercial search services where the customer searches for a specific term, as well as in Royal Nil work office and the daily messaging section, and is also tailored to the content of the publishers on the pages where the customer wishes to have information More to the full details of the ads and links to be referenced.

Word-based text ads based on keywords in the SMS Value-Added Service and the Royal Nil App have a special place and with their own special model is one of the best promotional techniques.

Commercial units can register their ads based on relevant keywords through the Business Office in Royal Nil, and set up a summary of designed text ads based on the specified size in the office and Create more detailed information in the Royal Nil  commercial & city information bank  or enter the link on your site and display them by customer choice by choosing a service type and location.

Royal Nil Graphic Advertising (image ads):

The images have a strong power of motivation and encouragement for customers, and a good image advertisement is a reminder of a pleasant and satisfying memory for the customer, and encourages the client to gain knowledge and knowledge in the field of advertising that business units can access through the office At Royal Nil, your business will set up advertisements based on the specified size in the office, and display the type of service and venue for customers to display.

Royal Nil Video Advertising:

Short and functional video ads, especially for business units that have products and services, as well as for publishers, have special benefits and inform and encourage members and customers to see the advertisements on a contextual description page and on applications, how to use them and how they are. The functionality of the title and the description given will be used to refer to the use of the displayed products and services, as well as the brand and brand of the business entity will remain in the minds of the customer to use in the subsequent use of those products.

You can apply to your ad order by logging into your business office in Royal Nil based on the size and size of the video ad.


Top features Royal Nil is in the promotion of business units and SMEs in order to grow new businesses and develop them. The Royal  Nil Business Development Plan is a business that can create advertisements with a specific number by creating its own office. Increasing the functionality of the business unit annually increases the number of ads and its cost.


 Advertising is GATEWAY for your business to reach customers and increase the boundaries of your business.


Sign in to your office to advertise!