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" Royal Nil Mobile  Value Added Service ":

is a feature to provide customers with various content and services, using the extensive coverage of the network as well as the mobile phone of customers that can benefit from it at an economical and cost-effective price.Royal Nil value added Services  has a special method and specific categories and constraints for sharing, so that while delivering a wide range of content, products and services to customers on the other hand have daily access restrictions and access.and especially in linking content and advertising with the service "ROYAL NIL PAY PER SMS LINK", which prevents customers from  incommodity and positive effect. 

Royal Nil Mobile Value Added Service is offered to customers in two categories:

1- "Royal Nil Public Value Added Content & services Service ":

These services are usable for daily use, including services: daily motivational message, stock ticketing, insurance, finance and investment, oral hygiene, childcare, etc., which, according to taste, Interest and type of application, the customers choose the service and the service is shared.

Royal Nil  public Value Added Services Category:



2. Royal Nil Specialized Value Added Content & services Service :

These services are intended for specific audiences and are offered to them, such as: tax service for legal entities, corporate owners and business units, accounting, stock, insurance, dentists, beekeepers, etc. Each of the areas Specialists are involved and professionals are active in those cases.

 How to send value added services:


Value added target service community:



One of the most important needs in the world today is access to valuable and useful content, on the other hand,  practical tools and applications through a mobile phone, services provided by the implementation of the "Value added service" educational content, financial issues and investment for the general public " that many people, because of the lack of practical training, not only do not understand the difference between their actual debt and assets, they often experience weaknesses in their economic cycle and manage their liquidity, and will experience many economic problems in different periods of time. That by creating this service, simply and step-by-step to create positive changes and create asset-value assets and financial and investment portfolios and ultimately create a positive cash flow.

Value added services are offered in two forms, online and offline, so that in online value added services, they can connect and receive online content and services from the Internet, and value-added services in a non-web-based way, and can be provided through mobile operators are provided with a variety of services provided by these operators and according to the activation contract, the costs of these services per link - the type of service and the day-to-day, weekly by the customer and according to the charge for the joint payment is paid.


Royal Nil's goal is to provide valuable content and value added services with access to the public and use special methods to reduce the price of content creation and access to customer service and create value added for customers and members.