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" Royal Nil Mobile Value Added  Content & Services Platform "

according to the type of services provided to members and customers, the use of Internet capabilities and the breadth of the network, as well as the ability to add operators to the service delivery, and on the one hand the audience that has the most influence. and is increasingly being added to one of the best services to motivate and lead to more business information as well as providing a variety of business services and delivering products to customers.

" Royal Nil Mobile Value Added Platform " is a platform where business units, companies and organizations that want to provide better services to their customers create more value for their services, and  considering the relationship between the value added of Royal Nil Mobile Value Added and Royal Nil Site and various services created customers can use their own products and services with a special method, they can use the capabilities and services on this platform and provide their services in the platform of the customer and continuously improve Self-service services increase their influence and profitability.

Value-added services for operators and providers of communication services and providers will also be of particular value so that through SMS exchanges and the provision of Internet credit by operators to the joint, it will generate higher profits for mobile operators.

And on the other hand, by presenting valuable content to customers through publishers, providing valuable services through apps and advertisements creates opportunities and benefits for business units. Which ultimately improves and develops customer-oriented services.


To provide mobile value-added services to customers, three methods have been designed:

1- The Royal Nil Mobile Content and Service Value Added  Service through the Work office and Account:

With this service, the content and services of business units that are created on the Royal  Nil Mobile Value Added platform and in their business office are provided through Work office and User Accounts for members and customers, and customers can login to office of work They use it.

Customers use the service to register on the Royal Nil website and access and use the Internet with their own (personal and business) office.


2- Royal Nil Content and Services Value Added Service through SMS:

Using this service, the content and services of business units that are created on the Royal Nil Mobile Value Added Platform in their business office are provided through SMS to members and customers.

The service, with its high availability  to its members in different places and the need to install the program and special features, a special feature that serves as the foundation service of the Royal Nil Pay Per SMS Link Value-Added Services due to its connection with the Royal Nil website and various services in motivating and encouraging users, services of business units in the form of " Public Value Added Services" and " Proprietary

Value Added Services (Specialized Services)" to customers.

In the value-added service via sms as a text messaging system we have the order of advertising and training from the customer (business unit) and through the business office of the business unit on the site of Royal Nil and through the large SMS panel available to us Text messaging is provided locally and by individuals.

It should be noted that, given the characteristics of SMS and user expectations, short and short terms must be implemented in order to motivate linking and linking to more commercial information, and the intermediary in motivating the audience and referring to the site or calling Full information means.

Business units also have a limited and targeted advertising capability on the platform, which, while providing valuable content and services for customers, enables advertisers to link their ads to the site and call numbers for complete information and effective promotion.



Value added services via SMS have special benefits because:

- It has the highest penetration coefficient and is available in different conditions.

- Most contacts and the market will need

- It can be downloaded and used with the simplest handsets and does not need to add and adjust.

- Among the communication methods, the most attention is given to users and individuals.

Activate customers in this service by registering on the Royal Nil website or by subscribing to the specific code when registering and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of use of this service.


3. Value Added Services and Services for Royal Nile through APP and Application Programs:

APPs are being added to their application programs on a daily basis, and given the possibility of installing on most mobile phones, customers who use Android and Windows operating systems can provide various services  using mobile or with a computer. Laptops and PCs in various applications and software systems in management, accounting, financial, stock, sensing, connecting and controlling sensors and electrical equipment in industrial and office equipment, hospitals, laboratories and homes ... Business units and organizations can create their content and services through APPs online and offline in providing customer service and provide customers with the Mobile Value Added Platform.

Such as training apps, banking service apps, upgrades of business, industrial, administrative, measurement and announcement systems in the meteorology, agriculture and industry, home-office and home-office systems APPs in preventing fire and theft, and announcing a warning to the customer and ...
 Available after download and installation on mobile and various services are based on the contract and agreed costs are paid daily and weekly from the customer's charge.

In online value-added services through the APP, the app must be connected to the Internet to provide services, but in offline value-added services through APPs, services are provided without the need for the Internet and from the operators' platform and USSD, and the spatial and ... Will not have.
Customers use this service by signing up for the Royal Nil website, downloading and installing APP on their mobile device or computer, with the capabilities of that app being able to receive online and offline services.