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Royal Nile Mobile Value Added Content and Services  " : It's a place to connect and provide basic services and various products of the "Royal Nil site "on the mobile & computers of customers and through sms and apps, each of which has its own specific features. by overlapping each other, in conjunction with  Royal Nil website, you will have a complete package of customers for a wide range of services, information, and Royal Nil Advertising, as well as shopping from the Royal Nil store, while reducing the cost to customers and Higher value creation will give them higher satisfaction.

Because value-added services provide basic services while providing better communication with the Royal  Nil Website and providing value-added content to customers, the opportunities and informing of business units through Royal Nil advertising with special features along with this Provides services and receives a low cost in obtaining and implementing this service.


" Value Added Services and Services for Royal Nile Mobile"The most cost-effective way to receive valuable content such as financial education, stock exchange, insurance, etc., is to receive various services: such as locating, Royal Nil Trading-Business & City Local Search , banking services, wallet, money transfer, Royal Nil Reservation Service as well as purchasing various products from " Royal Nil Shop : Buy a mobile and internet charging, seeing the opportunities and needs of the day, and enjoying the benefits of the Royal Nil Online Auction, the Royal Nil Market,  Royal Nil Fast Buy and Economic Buy .


"Royal Nile Value Added Content and Services Platform ":

The platform  for providing valuable and functional content of business units as well as various services of commercial units in various areas of technology, banking, specialized services and ... which it owns. and want to offer members and clients (individual and organizational) through the "Value Added content and Services" platform for content and services that can create their own content and services and use their services and facilities in their business platform To grow.

Value added service for both customers and members, as well as for business units, has certain advantages and qualities.

Types of Services Royal Nil Value Added Content and Services :

1- Royal Nil Mobile Value Added Content and Services  through the Business Office and User Accountant Service:

In Service of "Royal Nil Value Added Content and Services  through the Office and the User Account ", valuable and functional content has been presented to the public in a specialized and customer-selective manner.and are part of a personal account and a personal or business office for business units, and they can use it when they log on to their office and use it on a daily basis. that must have  Internet to do  and use  through computers, laptops and mobile phone at any time and place.


2. Royal Nile Value Added Content and Services with SMS:

(Royal Nil Pay Per SMS Link):

In the " Royal Nile Value Added Content and Services with SMS ", the content is publicly and professionally distributed and selected by the customer.and because of its special features, the SMS can be received in most places, even without the Internet, and has the ability to create various services that, in the simplest form, by entering specific codes for access to services, as a base service and Intermediaries in the extension and linking of the services and services of the Royal  Nil Website are aimed at customers and members.

business units with Royal Nil Value Added Services and  Pay Per SMS Link Through Value Added SMS and by implementing it while motivating users, " Royal Nil  Publice Value Added Services" and " Royal Nile specialist Value Added Service" " is provided to customers in this platform

 Providing valuable content and services for customers, it will link advertisers to the site and call numbers for complete information and effective promotion.

In the value-added service via sms as a text messaging system we have the order of advertising and training from the customer (business unit) and through the business office of the business unit on the site of Royal Nil and through the large SMS panel available to us Text messaging is provided locally and by individuals.

It should be noted that, given the characteristics of SMS and user expectations, short and short terms should be used to motivate the link and link to more commercial information.


 Value-added services via sms have special benefits because:

- It has the highest penetration coefficient and is available in different conditions.

- Most contacts and the market will need

- It can be downloaded and used with the simplest mobile phone and does not need to add and adjust.

- Among the communication methods, the most attention is given to users and individuals.


3. Provide value added  content and services through APP & Applications: 

In the services of Royal Nile mobile value added content and services,    created through APPs in line with the design of online and offline customer service, such as educational apps, banking services APPs,  Store APP,information bank,database,...

Available after download and installation on mobile, various services are based on the contract and the agreed costs are paid daily and weekly from the customer's charge.

In online value-added services through the APP, the app must be connected to the Internet to provide services, but in offline value-added services through APPs, services are provided without the need for the Internet and from the operators' platform and USSD, and Spatial place and ... will not.


The difference is the "Royal Nil Mobile Value Added Service" with commercial computer programs and commercial application is that In the value added service of the mobile phone, customers with the minimum facilities necessary to implement and receive services, and the cost of creating it on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, of the charge of shared charge based on the contract and type of service is deducted and on the other hand, online and offline (No need for the Internet) and from the platform of the mobile operators service and according to the type of service chosen jointly It can be downloaded at any place , at any time, and with the easiest way to communicate, but in commercial computer programs and commercial applications, you must purchase a commercial version with a paid commercial version of the business to be able to receive services, and have limitations on the presentation.


 Royal Nil Mobile Value Added Services is a base and platform for publishers and business units in providing various products and services, advertising with the best method and the most effective way that customers can use the platform of various services with special benefits.