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Why Bitcoin?


There are reasons to create bitcoin in the past and now And the keys are fixed most of the time, and it doesn't change that much The financial crisis may improve in one period and recur in another, but there are always others.

Bitcoin for the reason of printing and publishing money without the support of governments and Inflation and its aftermath in the 2008 economic and financial crisis and the damage done to individuals.Problems and inefficiencies of centralized payment systems such as paypal, mastercard, visa, etc., which are for clients and business owners in privacy, internet hacking and transfer costs,Lack of centralized systems support for creativity and business activists, lack of transparency and different access to services provided by governments, large companies and ISPs for customers, and privacy in various issues and reasons I have already talked about it.


  • - Money-free printing by the central bank and governments:

The United States withdrew from the Bretton Woods Treaty after World War II to finance the economy and meet the needs of businesses.


 In fact, they withdrew the central bank's capital backing from gold and used taxpayers as a backing instead of


 By issuing money, they can meet the needs of the economy in providing resources. The body's response causes inflation in the economy and increases the costs of businesses and thus increases the overhead costs of individuals, which has always created the need to re-inject more money. 2008 was the year that people borrowed money and received loans and non-repayments due to bankruptcy, and the loss of people's homes and colds.


Due to inflation and non-compliance with people's expenses and incomes, people's incomes and capital have become less valuable every day than before and have caused a lot of damage, especially to employees and salaried people who did not have a written financial plan.


This problem exists in many governments that are experiencing multi-digit inflation and has been one of the reasons for the creation of payment systems such as Bitcoin.

- Problems of payment systems focused on international and micro payments:

Centralized systems such as paypal, master card, and visa card have many problems with international payments. On the one hand, these systems are virtually ineffective in micro payments due to the high transfer costs and the conditions they create for the user.


And the high cost of transfer and the time of money transfer will not be economical and not available to many people. For business owners, the percentage of fees increases the cost of payment  Business owners have to pay for their services and goods that are not efficient in small and international purchases.


On the other hand, due to the terms and conditions set by payment companies, they do not actually cover many businesses. However, with the Bitcoin ecosystem, international payments are created at a very low cost and with high speed, and the interests of individuals are met.


-Inability to pay normally and problems of various systems in the Internet space due to security and ease of use:

Common payment systems through bank cards that take identity information from people are always attacked by hackers through various means and theft of information and unauthorized transfers. On the other hand, it is difficult for most users to observe security and safety issues, and in fact they They work for payments, not on the Internet.


- Multiple payment problems and differences in payments between the customer, payment companies such as paypal and firms, which cause losses for payment companies and firms.

- Existence of intermediaries and increase in cost and inefficiency of customer-centric systems:

Centralized systems always create inefficient intermediaries that increase costs and do virtually nothing.

Now it wants to be payment, service or whatever, of course there are useful intermediaries, but most intermediaries are practically unnecessary.

Decentralized systems such as Bitcoin are a direct link between people and systems and reduce.


 - Problems with centralized systems in maintaining information and privacy and work stability:

Centralized systems such as facebook, yahoo, etc. have been repeatedly attacked and hacked by hackers and attackers through ddos and various attacks, and on the other hand, their privacy has been repeatedly compromised and inefficient. Centralized systems, on the other hand, are less stable due to government laws, legal requirements, and various hacker attacks.


- Problems of governments and corporations in providing services to individuals:

Governments control people through various means, through controlling payments, collecting information, and taxes, etc., and according to the wealth and power they have, and they are moving towards more control every day, and

Many services are removed from the reach of users and on the other hand ISPs and large companies censor and filter various services and access to many services is not possible while the Internet is created for free access to information, but each The day has moved towards censorship and lack of access, more focus and control.


- Individual privacy and encroachment by governments:

There is no longer so much privacy for individuals, especially in advanced governments, and most government resources have gone to control individuals through various means. While bitcoin and decentralized systems protect people's privacy.


- Avoid creativity and many barriers to centralized systems for people:

Creativity and innovation in centralized systems are practically ignored and eliminated due to the requirements and instructions created by managers and owners of centralized systems, and on the other hand, people will not have much role in changing the system and influence, but in the bitcoin and decentralized systems are influential people through different consensus and methods can pursue and implement their ideas in different ways.

- Transparency in information and data:

Centralized systems due to the nature of information control often suffer from lack of transparency and sometimes incorrect presentation of information, but decentralized systems due to the ability to blockchain by publicly disseminating information and encrypted data distributed in the general office, access to some information Provides public access for all.

The reasons I have given are part of the main reason for the creation of bitcoin and digital currencies with a decentralized structure that other systems were designed before Bitcoin, but Bitcoin was the first system created by programmers and Satoshi Nakamato and has undergone many changes. It will have many areas.

What do you think was the reason for creating Bitcoin and leave a comment on my page!