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How to get bitcoin:

Surely you have good information about Bitcoin and you know that Bitcoin with its great benefits can help us a lot and you want to get it or have it that I will open for you!



There are several ways to get bitcoin:

1- The first and main method of obtaining bitcoins: through mining 

Data on the Bitcoin network is encrypted through a special algorithm that uses hash 256-512.

Miners in the bitcoin network help maintain bitcoin security by encrypting data and storing it in blocks, each block having a specific data storage capacity of 2mb megabytes per block.

Transactions in the Bitcoin network are confirmed based on proof of work. First, financial transactions are encrypted to public addresses, which are performed by the private key of individuals and nodes, and based on the bitcoin core program installed on the nodes. And it has been sent in the bitcoin network, which must be confirmed by at least three nodes, and it takes 10 minutes of confirmation time to be in the general office of China Block until other computers confirm it, and it is stored in their own block and the update is done!

When a new block wants to be created, the miners compete to get the hash of the new block, and each of the miners who finds the hash for the first time and declares that the bitcoin belongs to them, and to find the hash of that block. The miner must be in the network and have the previous block hash. The bitcoin hash algorithm is one-sided and to find a new hash, it is necessary to randomly test and experiment on it and based on the nonce range, it is concluded that the higher the processing power of miners and the faster they can test the results to the solution. They arrive.

Mining in Bitcoin is based on the hash rate or degree of difficulty, and as computers are added to the network, the network hardness and rate increase, and as the number of computers decreases, the network hardness decreases.

In the Bitcoin network, the difficulty of the network is evaluated and updated every 14 days!


Bitcoin mining and extraction was initially done by ordinary computers, but over time with the increase of computers, network hardness and hash rate has increased and it is no longer economical in individual mining of computers and should be used from the pool pool of mining as a group of computers. Used in extractive participation Which was used by installing CG Miner program and mining pools or through mining extraction devices with higher refining power and ASIC devices.


For bitcoin mining, we must pay attention to the cost of electricity, bandwidth, power of mining hardware, and the cost of depreciation of hardware and computers, and the cost of equipment installation, and evaluate and manage their profit and benefit ratio according to their cost and bitcoin extraction rate.


2- Bitcoin mining using bitcoin mining programs and applications along with other functions:

 Another way to extract bitcoins is to use programs and applications that use the pool and pool to extract bitcoins, and on the other hand, in addition to using a computer or mobile phone, they should also be used, which should have an effect on the use of cpu. , Examined RAM and hard space, and considered Internet usage and bandwidth.


3- Obtaining bitcoins by buying and selling bitcoins:


3 / 1- Buy-sell bitcoins from miners:

We can buy and have bitcoins from miners and those who have mined bitcoins and have them in their wallets.

3 / 2- Buy-sell bitcoins from the market:

Another way to get bitcoins: Buy bitcoins from the market and bitcoin buying and selling sites, which can also be bought and sold for members on our site, and we provide a good exchange.

3 / 3- Buy-sell bitcoins from an exchange:

Another way to buy bitcoins from digital currency exchanges is because exchanges buy bitcoins from its holders and charge their own fees to transfer bitcoins to the buyer. However, due to the nature of bitcoins, we should try directly from bitcoin holders. Get coins and do not use the exchange too much, because the exchange is actually an intermediary between the buyer and the seller.

In choosing an exchange, we must consider different things, and because it is an intermediary, we must pay attention to its validity, the correctness of its operation, and its fee, because the purchase fee from an exchange is always higher than the market. Because the cost of transferring bitcoins from the seller to the exchange and the cost of transferring bitcoins from the exchange to the buyer and the cost of the exchange itself will be a significant figure! In cases where we have to make small purchases and make sure of the exchange credit to buy from them!


5- Get bitcoins by creating businesses:

Bitcoin can be established by creating bitcoin-based businesses and applications and generating revenue from them.

Or invest in bitcoin-based businesses and startups and create and develop various programs, APPs, and services, and define and generate revenue toward Bitcoin, or as a Publisher and Production The content creator worked and generated revenue based on bitcoin.


4. Get bitcoins through trading :

The last method for professionals and those who have many years of experience and ability to analyze the market and often use analysts, investors and business managers:

It is through bitcoin trading  that they trade  bitcoins in different financial markets or receive income through bitcoins and establish different trades based on bitcoins. This method is useful for professional traders and analysts!

Of course, on our site, there are suitable cases for bitcoins for members to be able to use.